deeptissueDeep tissue massage is a more focused form of a therapy, which concentrates on removing any kind of excess tension and knots from the soft tissue, and thus bringing back the correct and balanced muscle tension.

In cases of chronic excessive tension or muscle damage, there can be dense and painful knots present, in muscles themselves, as well as in the fascia or in ligaments. They feel stiff and can be painful to touch; it is crucial however to loosen them, as they may be causing great amount of discomfort, restrict the flow of fluids in the body, affect person’s posture, movement and eventually result in chronic pain or even inflammation and infection.

According to the client’s requirement and condition, deep tissue massage will target these places with a stronger form of pressure, to allow accessing deeper parts of the muscles. Movements can be done by hands, fingers, but also knuckles or elbows. I always try to use as much pressure as required (and don’t be deceived by my petite look, after many years of experience I am pretty strong 🙂 ) but not to the point when it’s uncomfortable for the client. It can be a little bit painful, but the pain has to be manageable, otherwise muscles will become more tense and that’s counter-productive. I try to maintain communication with client during the treatment, so if at any point the pressure is too strong, they can simply let me know.

Deep tissue massage aims to slowly relax the muscle tissue, lengthen is and eliminate any knots, to effectively bring back correct range or movement and improve the posture.

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