Anna is a Holistic Therapist, with over 15 years of professional experience in the field of Personal Development, Spirituality and Wellbeing, with a wide range of services to offer, from Spiritual Mentoring, Intuitive Coaching, Systemic and Relationship Coaching, Family Constellations Workshops various types of Massage Therapy, Energy Work, to deeply transformational Shamanic Healing with Teacher Plants, she works with people internationally via Skype/zoom consultations, in private 1:1 sessions and group workshops.

Anna is whole-heartedly dedicated to her own growth and has been on this deeply transformational journey for over 20 years now. Coming from very poor family and heavily oppressed culture of post-communist Poland, at a very young age she left home and went to travel the world. She decided right then, that she would do whatever it takes to make the most of her life. She’s very authentic, transparent, and really passionate about her work. One of the most common feedbacks she receives from her clients, is about her high level of integrity and humility. In spite of all the hardship and traumas she experienced, she was able to heal her wounds and create a dream life for herself, and now she’s inspiring and helping others to achieve the same.

~ Knowledge and skills ~

Anna has learned the basic principles of life coaching from The Coaching Academy in London in 2004. A year later enrolled to Birkbeck College, University of London, where she studied Psychology. After her graduation in 2009, she decided to continue on learning coaching skills and started another year Diploma course with The Coaching Institute.

For few years she had the pleasure to cooperate as a Health & Lifestyle Coach with “Health for the People”, at the time – one of the top Functional Medicine Clinics in the UK, run by David Hompes; that’s where she was able to gain great knowledge about clinical nutrition and psycho-somatic origins of dis-eases.

Meanwhile, she attended numerous seminars, workshops and training courses from Success Resources and Peak Potentials Training, which aside from teaching her business skills, gave her Speaker and Accelerated Learning Trainer qualifications.

In early 2011 she got qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist and also began her own, deeper transformational work.
She travelled to South America, where she spent half a year in the Amazon jungle, apprenticing with Master Shamans, learning about healing, working with Medicine Plants and using altered states of consciousness for therapeutic purposes.
Through working with Ayahuasca, a healing plant brew from the jungle, she tapped into her own inner source of power and wisdom. What followed, was that her own Higher Self started teaching her and guiding how to develop her skills further.

Upon her return to the UK, she set up a Holistic Therapy Practice in South West London, where she was seeing clients daily, helping them on their journey through body treatments, intuitive coaching and spiritual mentoring.

In October 2014 she became a mom of a beautiful baby girl Liana and naturally, she decided to put her work on hold for few years and fully dedicated herself to her new role, whilst travelling in Spain and developing her artistic potential through making crafts, singing and creating beauty all around, under the artist name – Crystalica 🙂

In 2019-2020 she studied Family Constellations at The Academy of Systemic and Relationship Coaching in London and she became a trained facilitator of this powerful method (by Bert Hellinger) as well as a Systemic and Relationship Coach.

Anna continues to assist people from many countries on their  spiritual journeys, inspiring, healing and empowering at the times of big shifts and changes in their lives. Her permanent residence is in south of Spain, though you can find her organising events in England and Poland as well.

* Anna is an insured Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists, a Member of International Coach Federation and International Systemic Constellation Association

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