Based on my professional therapeutic background and over 10 years of personal experiences with various Plant Medicines, I offer consultations, during which I can:

  • share my knowledge about the different plants, used to expand consciousness and provide therapeutic experience through altered, psychedelic states
  • help you prepare for experiencing Ayahuasca or San Pedro Ceremony, especially if you want to try it for the first time.
  • help you integrate your experiences and guide you through your healing process afterwards – this I found to be very profound over the years of working with is myself, as well as co-facilitating and working with people. Even if you haven’t experienced anything difficult during your journey, still, you’ll be able to draw a lot more from it and implement more positive changes into your everyday life, if you follow up with a therapeutic integration process. What make a huge difference, is having someone else’s interpretation and insight into your visions and what you went through. Our sub- and unconscious mind often hides things from us, which may be difficult or painful to look at and understand. A skilled coach or therapist can offer their perspective and help you bring up into the light all of those hidden parts, for your greater benefit. For people who had a challenging ceremony, especially if after a while, they still feel like something’s unresolved, or perhaps they even feel emotionally and psychologically worse than before, supervised integration process is a MUST.

If you’re interested in having a consultation, feel free to message me and we’ll see if there’s something I can help you with.

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