Family Constellation or Systemic Constellation is a powerful therapeutic method that helps to recognise root causes of various issues, which sprout from difficult subconscious entanglements within the system of both – our family of origin, as well as in our present family or relationship. There are certain universal laws that exist within those systems (like the hierarchy of members or the order of flow of love), and it they are in any way broken, the members of the system will manifest it through life difficulties, dysfunctions, health issues, misfortunes etc. The facilitator helps a client discover and correct the underlying reasons of their challenges, by tapping into their biomorphic field and looking at the dynamics, using either representatives of different family members or aspects, that are being looked at (if it’s done in a workshop, the representatives are the participants) or through visualisations or with accessories like play mobiles during 1-2-1 sessions.

A constellation reveals the collective laws operating within a system and also helps us to fall in tune with higher laws that take us beyond both, the personal and the individual family, and brings us in contact with another dimension, where we all are one. This has an immediate healing effect not only on us, but on everyone who is close to us! It’s a deep healing work, which takes place on the “blueprint level” and filters down, so to speak, to the 3D reality, eventually allowing us to see real, tangible results.

Systemic Family Therapy was first developed by the German therapist, Bert Hellinger. In this therapeutic approach, we consider the individual as part of a greater whole – a family system – rather than as a separate entity. His individual behaviour, feelings and attitudes, have to be understood in the context of this larger group. As in any other system, unspoken laws operating within the family guide behaviour that we, as family members, are largely unaware of. Suffering usually arises in a family member when one or more members of the system unconsciously violate these archaic laws. They do this unknowingly, not out of rebelliousness as one might expect, but out of love – a ‘blind’ love.

The way we bring these hidden, family dynamics to light is to have the client use the help of other group participants to create a constellation of his or her family. The participants, representing members of that person’s family, are positioned in the room in relation to each other according to the client’s feeling in that moment. In this way, we create a living model of their original (or present) family. What we have found is that the feelings and thoughts of the people representing family members are very similar to those of the actual family members. There obviously exists an energy field that guides the representatives’ movements and allows them to have access to all essential information of the systemic field.

This work uniquely uncovers any destructive family dynamic that may be lingering beneath the surface. But that is not all it does: when those standing in for family members follow their spontaneous movements minutely, not only are family entanglements revealed, but we also discover what leads to healing. Healing movements are supported by the interventions of the therapist, who brings in missing or excluded family-members, suggests new and more conscious behaviours, and finds healing sentences for the family members to say to each other. Finally a new, more natural and healing balance for the whole system can be found, where the love between its members can flow again in a new and more conscious way.

Individual sessions

Most of my clients work with me on 1-2-1 basis via Skype or Zoom, where I take them through their process using various constellation, systemic coaching and healing tools (these vary depending on the client and what’s needed for them in that moment).

Single session typically lasts between 60 – 90mins, during which we look together at the underlying causes of the client’s problem and more importantly – look for solutions! Oftentimes, it’s a deep emotional healing and a major “aha moment”, where the person is able to understand what’s been driving their behaviour, or perhaps for the first time, truly understand a traumatic experience they’ve been through, or see a difficult family member in a different light. What is revealed in a session, is what the client is ready to see and able to integrate; with my help and guidance, they can release stuck emotions, gain a deeper understanding and move on to a more harmonious and empowered place.

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