“Anna, I have no words to thank you for the work we did together. Through the Family Constellations and coaching I was able to identify the biggest blocks that were literally destroying my relationship! And whilst you held my hand gently and made me feel totally safe, I could go back to some of the most difficult experiences of my life and resolve them, so they no longer impact me and my marriage. What stood out for me as well, is how you somehow don’t make it about you, you didn’t solve anything for me, but rather helped me find my own answers, when in my mind I was feeling completely lost and was convinced there was no way out. This was so empowering and strengthened me deeply. Thank you for being the beacon of light in the darkest storm.” – Rebecca Woolhead, Chartered Accountant

“I would highly recommend Anna as a therapist! She’s very professional and despite being quite petite, she’s actually very strong and can provide excellent deep tissue massage!” – Teddy Sheringham, Professional Football Player

“I always feel relaxed and calm after my massage treatments with Anna. Unlike many therapists, she seems to know exactly where and how to press, it feels amazing! She has magic in her hands and I have recommended her services to many of my friends and colleagues.” – David Hompes, CEO, Health for The People Ltd.

“I love Anna’s treatments! She’s very intuitive and knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s one of those rare therapists who have a talent, and it shows! She’s very passionate about her work and gives me her full attention every time. For me, she’s the best masseuse in London!”Keith Thompson, Project Manager

“My spiritual coaching sessions with Anna were incredibly useful. Before we started working together, I felt stuck in my life; certain issues kept coming back and I didn’t see how I could move on. I was helpless and frustrated. Anna was able to recognise what lessons I am not learning and took me through them step by step. Ultimately I was able to face some deep emotional issues and past experiences, which impacted my life more than I realised.  I would very highly recommend her as a personal spiritual coach. With gratitude” –  Bharati Aftab, Retail Manager

“Ania, thank you so much! I can honestly say that you truly changed my life. Before we started the Intuitive coaching programme, I had no dreams, my life was in chaos and I had no confidence at all. My family situation was so bad that I just couldn’t deal with it any more. I guess I found you at the right time…

Now only 3 months on, I feel happy and optimistic, I am much stronger and have more trust in myself. Although it was not easy to face some of my “demons”, but thanks to your warm, loving and very supportive energy, I somehow managed to heal some of the wounds in my heart. I know this is only the beginning of my journey, but I understand now, that my true power comes from within and I can walk the path with my head held high. I really look forward to what the future will bring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! –  Aneta Yunkiert – Nursery Teacher

“We’ve just finished our workshop with Anna on Motivation, I have to say, I’m very impressed!!! Her presentation skills are great, alongside with knowledge and ability to support the group; but most of all, she’s incredibly inspiring! She’s allowed me to believe in myself and dream big. I’ve known Anna for 2 years and she’s one of the most hardworking, honest, genuine people I’ve met. Whoever comes to contact with her, can’t help but get contaminated with her passion, drive and energy. A true inspiration and a natural leader!”  –  Gavin Nathan, Streets2Studio Entertainment, CEO

“Anna is a dedicated, ambitious and hard working professional coach, who has a gift of seeing the best in all her clients and helps them bring it to light. Working with her was great fun and fantastic experience. She used amazingly effective techniques to motivate and inspire me; I was taken through a process that allowed me to identify and remove the biggest obstacle, which have been preventing me from having a happy and lasting relationship.

Anna has phenomenal knowledge of spirituality, personal development, psychology, nutrition and alternative medicines. She knows how to identify her clients’ needs and meet their expectations. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a personal coach; she’ll push you to go the extra mile and give you the necessary time and effort to make sure you receive maximum benefit. Thank you Anna and keep it up!” –  Anna Kaluza – Psychotherapist

“Anna’s energy and attitude are amazing, just being around her makes people feel better! She really helped me to break through some big obstacles that stood on my career path; I now truly believe in what I though was impossible. She taught me how to look at life from positive perspective and learn from every mistake. In fact I learned from her, that there’s no such a thing as mistake, there’s only finding yet another way that doesn’t work for me. – what a great life philosophy! It’s been an amazing journey, thank you Anna!”  –  Rachel Tyler – Entrepreneur