womb healingA ONE DAY workshop for women
to clear and re-energize the womb.
This is an opportunity to release any emotional blockages from the womb.
Sexual Abuse
Painful periods
As women we have a unique ability to bring forth and create from our womb centre, whether this be a child, a project, a relationship, it is our sacred sacral crucible of manifestation. But so easily forgotten about in this modern society where we have to fit into a a man made structure and timeframe that takes us away from our natural rhythms and cycles.
It is also the place that holds all our ancestral programming and family coded DNA structures. The eggs in your ovaries are fully formed when you are in your mothers womb this link can be a chain of great achievements or a noose around your neck.
The great news is though that when we start working with the womb we can literally reprogram the entire DNA structure and get in touch with a sense of forgiveness wholeness and self love.

We will transform these limiting storylines into
Vital Energy, Power, Health and Love.
You are invited to drop deeply into your body and womb with your guides Beckie and Orianne, through working with:
– Family Constellations,
– Ecstatic Awakening Dance,
– Active meditations,

Orianne Corman is a Belgian expert in Family Constellations since 2004, NLP practionner and kinesiologist. She has worked with thousands of clients supporting them in seeing clearly their personal and genealogical journey so they can embrace their full potential.
Beckie Hanscombe is a Shamanic Practitioner since 2005 The Director of the School of Ecstatic Movement which trains teachers in Ecstatic Awakening Dance and a sacred sexual union facilitator.
She facilitates Workshops and 1-2-1 work with Women and men to awaken their full potential and live a life of authenticity and Joy.
“My goal is to bring a practical spirituality to the mainstream”
Anyone is welcome, as long as you are aged 18 and over. This workshop is open to both women and men.

The value of this workshop is £150
We are however accepting contributions.
Where? – The old laundry, Islington London, N1
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.